The Strict Punisher and Most Merciful (Shadidul A’ikab Raheem)

Praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds..
Allah’s Blessings and Peacefulness be upon our Master Mohammed and his family..

Surely, Allah (SWT) possesses the Perfection attributes (Sefat El-Kamal) and is far above any imperfect attributes.  One of His attributes’ wonders is that they include the opposites e.g., He (SWT) is the Grantor (Al-Moa’ty), the Prohibitor (Al-Mania’), the Afflictor (Al-Darr), the Beneficial (Al-Nafia’) the Giver of Might (Al-Mua’ez), the Degrader (Al-Muzel), the Strict Punisher (Shadeedul A’ikab), the Forgiver (Al-Ghafour), and the Most Merciful (Al-Raheem).

He (SWT) does a thing and its opposite concurrently, and being occupied with one matter does not distract Him from engaging with the other.  This benefits a servant as the Master should also beStrong (Qawi), Powerful (Jab-bar), Subduer (Kah-har), and Bringer of Justice (Muntasif) to His servant.

These attributes are needed so that when the servant gets a grant from his Master, and if his Master is weak and unable to protect his servant and the grant, it may be taken away from him.

Surely, the Divine Perfection revolves around the principle that Allah has absolute capability to do every task, which includes a thing and its opposite otherwise who would preserve the grant with the servant. 

It is un-reasonable to think that Allah would confront a weak servant, whom He created with His hands and is able to annihilate him completely with all the attributes of Majesty and Magnanimity.  Therefore, we conclude that Allah (SWT) is the possessor of the Greatness attributes like being the Avenger (Al-Muntaqim), the Subduer, the Degrader, and the Compeller, etc that works for the benefit of the righteous, obedient and good worshipper servant who follows Allah’s orders and fulfils his duties toward Him. 

Verily, Allah (SWT) deserves pure worship.  It is not a god that can not defend, protect, and bring benefit to His servant.
The above statements are the answer to those who say that Allah’s attributes contradict and conflict with each other e.g., how can He be the Grantor and the Prohibitor.  We tell them, He should be so otherwise He would not deserve to be worshipped.  If He were to be able to grant ONLY, another god would be needed to Prohibit, or if He were give life ONLY, logically we would need a second god to cause death, and a third god to resurrect.  The way His attributes work is a Divine wisdom as presented in the following Verses of the Quran:
“Wa Elahukum Elahun Wahid La Elaha Ella Huwa Ar-Rahmanu Ar-Raheem” which means (And your God is one God: There is no god but He, Most Gracious Most Merciful), and
“ Laou Kana Fihima Alihatun Ella Allah Lafasadata” which means (If there were, in the heavens and the earth, other gods besides Allah, there would have been confusion in both!), and
“..Edhan Ladhahaba Kullu Elahin Bima Khalaqa Wa La-a’la ba’dahum A’la Ba’d” which means (.. Behold, each god would have taken away what he had created, and some would have lorded it over others).

Dear reader lets praise Allah that we are servants of one God that gives us refuge when we seek it, forgives us when we ask for forgiveness, and accepts our request for repentance.

Don’t you realize that it’s much better for a servant to serve only one god and master than to be a servant of many masters who would all give him orders and he wouldn’t be able to obey them all!, “Wal-Amru Yumaedhen Lil-Lah” which means (The Authority that Day will be wholly with Allah)

There is no Power or Might except with Allah

The Editor : Original Arabic text in Al-Behira Wal-Akalim Journal- Issue #224