You don’t need to be a sufi to walk on water

Sawt Al-Umma, Issue No. 104 25th November 2002 Some people mistakenly imagine sufis are exempt from obligations. It’s a common misperception, a result of a superficial and hasty interpretation of texts or sometimes even an intentional animosity toward sufism. In fact, as is so often the case, the opposite is true. Sufism actually involves an […]

Do the Sufis Know What Is Hidden?

Sawt Al-Umma, Issue No. 103 18th November 2002 The sufi perhaps is more sensitive to and has a stronger belief in this despite the mistaken, widespread, prevalent and inaccurate ideas people have about sufis such as the ‘lifting of obligations’, ‘the people of the step’ (Ar: ahl al-khatwa), ‘the power to heal’, ‘returning missing people […]

To Every Sheikh a Tariqa

Sawt El Umma, Issue 102, 11th November, 2002 At the moment we find ourselves losing consciousness, we won’t have time to weep under domes, nor read the Book. We will be holding onto nothing but a mirage. At the moment the rain stops, there will be no moon at the end of the night to […]

Sufism …. an Obligation or a Sleight of Hand ?

Sawt ul-Umma, Issue 101 November, 4, 2002 Who can hold the desert to account for the shimmering strip of water on the horizon? Who can hold the poor man to account for dreaming of riches, if only for a few minutes? Who can hold the saints (awliya) the chosen ones and the pious to account […]