Interpreting the Hobbies of ‘Shirk’ and ‘Kufr’

Sawt al-Ummah, Issue #100 October 28, 2002 Islam came to the desert Arabs to proclaim a nation of tolerance and understanding in the face of tribal hatred, ugliness and narrow-mindedness. With Islam, the Arabs established a nation of compassion after the failure of the age of ignorance to establish a similar nation if only the […]

The Clerics and the Laymen

Sawt Al-Umma, Issue #99 October 21st  2002 Three Muslim clerics were sailing in a small boat which belonged to a poor and humble fisherman. As they sailed peacefully through the gentle and calm waters the first cleric asked the fisherman if he was knowledgeable about religious law (Ar: sharia’h] The fisherman said he wasn’t,

Is there an intermediary between Allah and His slaves?

Sawt Al-Umma, Issue #98 October 14th, 2002 If the question is wrong, then so too is the answer If we ask the question ‘Who made us? The mother or the father?’ it is not possible to receive a correct answer. If we say the mother only or the father only, the answer is wrong. The […]

The ’learned’ are the ‘inheritors of the prophets’ but not the ‘learned’ we know!

[Al-u’lama warathat al-anbiya walakinhum laysa al-u’lama alladheena na’arafhum] Sawt Al-Umma Issue 97 October 7th, 2002 Property markets collapse … Financial resources go to waste … The social fabric comes apart … Good health is displaced by sickness … Intellect weakens … Only our spiritual wealth remains…a wealth that nourishes our feelings with the taste of […]