Nazara ya Um-Hashim … madad ya Sayedena Al-Husayn

Sawt Al-Umma, Issue No. 106 9th December 2002 Our life, no matter how long it may last, is no longer than an exciting movie. No sooner have you seen the opening scene than you find yourself close to the last. So don’t neglect your spiritual ‘fitness’ before you are surprised with the word ‘the end’..before […]

Is there revelation after Allah’s Messenger?

Sawt Al-Umma, Issue No. 105 2th December 2002 The Arabic word al-wahi usually translated as ‘revelation’ is a secret between the one who gives revelation (Ar: al-mulqi) and the one who receives it (Ar: al-mutalaqqi) The Quran says: “Raised high above ranks (or degrees), (He is) the Lord of the Throne: by His Command does […]