Levels of Fasting (As-Sawm Was- Siam)

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and His Blessing and Reassurance be upon the Noblest of the Messengers, his family, companions, and followers.

Basic Elements of a Miracle (Arkan Al-Mua’gizah)

Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds, His Blessing and Peacefulness be upon the most honorable messenger; our Master maulana Mohammed and his righteous and pure family.

Everyone Sings What’s on His Mind OR (Every Bird Loves to Hear Himself Sing)

(Kullan Yoghanni A’la Lailah) Praise be to Allah, His Blessings and Salutations be upon His Messenger, the Messenger’s family and whoever is loyal to him… It was narrated that a farmer, his wife and daughter were all deaf.  In spite of this handicap, every one of them has something occupying his/her mind. 

The Midlle of Sha’ban’s Night (Lailat An-Nisfi Min Sha’ban)

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the universes, The Command is His, and to Him is everything’s destiny.  He (SWT) does blot out (Yamhu) and/or confirm (Youthbit) what He pleases, and with him is the source/essence of the Revelation (Umul Kitab).

It’s up to you! Ar-Rai Lakum

In the Name of Allah Most Merciful, Most compassionate.  Praise be to Allah The Most Merciful The Most Compassionate, Lord of the worlds.  Allah’s Blessings & Salutations be upon the master of the forbears (Al-Aw-walin) and the descendents (Al-Akherin), and upon his family. companions and their righteous followers to the Day of Judgment.   

Idolatry and a Horse (Al-Wathanyia wal Hosan)

Praise be to Allah,  Lord of the universes, and let His Blessings (Salah) with Safety (salam) be upon he who is sent Mercy to the universes; our Master Mawlana Mohamed; and upon his family, companions, followers, and descendants to the Day of Judgment.

Hunger (Al-Joua’)

Praise be to Allah Lord of the universes. Allah’s Blessings and Salutation be upon the most honorable of all the Messengers, our Master and Mawlana Mohamed, his family, companions, and followers till the Day of Judgment..