The Prophet’s Noble Status (SAAW) (Maqamahu Ash-Shareef)

Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds..
Allah’s Blessing and Salutation be upon our Master Mohammed, the Master of all Messengers, the Seal of the prophets and Allah’s Mercy to the Worlds..

Allah (SWT) has made ranks (Akdar) for Days (Ayyam) and made them differ in ranks, some higher than others according to how much goodness (Khair) He puts for his servants (E’bad) in them.  He (SWT) made ranks for Places and made them differ in ranks with some being higher than others according to the goodness He bestowed upon His servants at them.  He (SWT) made Angels to exceed each other.  He also made people exceed each other in position (Darajat) according to how much He used them to render goodness to other human beings.

Using this scale (Mikias) it follows that the best spot on earth is Mecca where immeasurable goodness occurred to the Worlds since Allah (SWT) chose it as a birth place to the best begotten and the most blessed and fortunate being in existence (Asa’ad Mawjood).

Allah (SWT) made unlimited goodness come true through the hands of the Prophet (SAAW) cause he is Allah’s Extended Robe (H’ablul Allah Al-Mamdoud) (to his Creation), and the Possessor of the Grand Intersession (Ash-Shafaa’ Al-Kubra), and the visited Basin (Al-H’awd Al-Mawroud).
Then Allah (SWT) made his birthday the best day for the humans.  A day that cannot be evaluated or compared.  Allah (SWT) made His beloved hands that are always stretched to him, only return with Gifts that will reach even those who committed bad deeds.  Allah made reciting Blessings and Salutation upon him an obligation in secret and in public, and included these in the daily obligatory prayers during the last position (Tasha-hud).  He (SWT) granted privilege to the Prophet’s family to ennoble them for his sake.

Imam Al-Shafa’i said in poetry:

“Oh, Family of the Messenger of Allah, to love you
is an obligatory Command revealed in the Quran,

It’s sufficient Honor for your Rank that
he who does not recite the Blessings upon you
his Prayer is null”.

The Blessings upon the Messenger and his family are considered one not two because if someone says the Blessing upon Allah’s Messenger alone without including his family it would render it useless (Salah Batraa).   Allah’s Messenger has prohibited saying a Batraa Blessing when he said: “Avoid the Batraa”.  His Companions asked: “What is it O’ Messenger of Allah?  He replied: “It’s the Blessing that is said upon me which does not include my family”

Hence, it becomes evident that Honoring Allah’s Messenger is a definite obligatory Duty (Wajeb), and his love is one of the most certain Obligation (Fard).  Love of Allah’s Messenger necessitates saying the Blessing upon him, and certainly, this necessitates including his family in it.

Should people all over the world, regardless of their religion, notice that Muslims honor their Prophet (which is a duty on Muslims), see them say the Blessing upon him in privacy and in public*, and notice respect that Muslims show toward Rasul Allah by refraining from uttering his name alone but always preceded with ‘Our Master” and also see how they celebrate his honorable birthday with joy at Allah’s Grace and Mercy, they (people of the world) will never dare to transgress against the Prophet (SAAW) and will respect Muslims and acknowledge the Reverence of the Prophet (SAAW).

O’ Muslims, how could you allow yourselves not to glorify Rasul Allah, and mistreat his Excellency, then when the shameless foolish attack his Nobel Rank/Status you pretend to be crying?!

There is no Might or Power except with Allah

* This is better be done after the call to the five daily Prayers to let people hear Muslims say the Blessing upon the Messenger of Allah.  The Muaz-zen calls the Blessing upon him and his family and the listeners repeat after the Muaz-zen.

The Editor : Original Arabic text in Behira Wal-Akalim Journal- Issue # 227