The Difference Between being Born and being Worshipped (Al-Maoloud wal Ma’boud)

Praise be to Allah… Praise that is appropriate for His Beauty and Perfection…Allah’s Blessings and Salutation be upon our Master Mohammed, his Companions and Family…

It is strange enough to find some clear and obvious issues are mixed up in the minds of some people regarding the attributes of Allah’s Servants (E’bad) and the Lord of all the beings.  The items in this issue are so obvious, that is to say the difference is apparent between a servant (A’bd) and the Worshipped God (Ma’boud).

A servant is born and exists (Maojood).  His existence is evident through the power of the Creator (Al-Wajed).
On the other hand, the Worshipped One neither begets nor is begotten.  The role in its simplest form is: The worshipped God (SWT) can not be begotten, and consequently the begotten can not be a worshipped Deity.

Still as this may be strange as is, some people worship the begotten and disbelieves in the Worshipped God.  They surrender to the created existing being (Maojoud), and stay away from the Creator Who created every existing creature from Nothingness (A’dam), then provided them from Nothingness.

Some people accuse those who celebrate the birthday of a begotten human claiming that to celebrate the birthday of a begotten human is a sort of worship.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  How can they hold the believe that Allah is the One and only One, the Unique, the Eternal Absolute, Who begets not nor is He begotten, and still say this nonsense accusation.  This is an indication of little intelligence and lots of stupidity.

In other words, how did the community of the Pharaoh (Faraa’oun) believe him when he told them: “I’m your Most Exalted Lord” and “I know not of a God for you except myself”.  I say how they believed him while they knew that he was son to his father, a husband of a woman, he used to eat food as they did, he slept as they did, he got happy and angry and feared etc, as they did.  These are all attributes of a begotten man.  How could they not recognize that a begotten one cannot be worshipped and the Worshipped Deity cannot be begotten?   In spite of this if they were asked about the validity of the latter phrase, they would say it’s very valid.

The cure comes from Allah’s saying in the Quran “Afarayta Man Et-takhadha Ilahahu Hawahu Wa-adallahul-laha A’la E’lmin” which means, “Have you seen such a one who takes as his god his own vain desire? Allah has left him astray despite his knowledge”.
If you ask he whom Allah (SWT) left astray despite his knowledge (about the difference between one who is begotten and the Worshipped One), he would correctly answer but believes differently.

Those of them who believed would say: what they do and do what they say, and if the opposite of this occurs it brings Allah’s wrath (Maqt) in accordance with the verse “Ya Ayiuha Aladhina Amanou Lima Takoluna Malatafa’louna. Kabora Maktan E‘nda Allah An Takulou Ma Latafa’aloun” which means “O you who believe! Why say that which you do not.  Grievously odious is it in the sight of Allah that you say that which you do not”

Dear reader, these words do not add much to your knowledge but they are reminder as surely the reminder profits the believers.

There is no Power or Might except with Allah

The Editor : Original Arabic text in Behira Wal-Akalim Journal- Issue # 229