How Does Scandal Propagate? (Kaifa Tasheea’ Al-Fah’isha?)

Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds…Surely the good outcome is for the Pious…and let there be no aggression except over the unjust…May Allah’s Blessings and Salutation be upon our Master Mohammed who is the Seal of the Prophets and the Leader of the Messengers; and upon all his Family and Companions…

It is very strange and ridiculous to see some people treat the Prophets, Messengers and Holy men (Awliaa) in a wrong way that does not fit the status of Allah’s glorification and His Blessings upon them.

Someone may say the so and so prophet had lied once (we are not going to mention the Prophet’s or Messenger’s name in this context out of respect).
A person may also say that the so and so prophet had fallen in love with a woman, and another prophet had committed theft …
These people may also say that such a Holy man (Wali) had committed so and so of sins and that he had been seen doing so and so of prohibited acts (Muharramat).  By spreading these alleged shortcomings the person intends to drive people away from the Awliaa and the righteous (Salihin)

The serious consequence that this claimant does not recognize is that among the recipients of this bad propaganda are folks who love the Messengers, those who love the Prophets and those who love the Awliaa.  If those lovers believe what the claimant says; the result will not be what he aimed at.
The result will include such situations as: whoever wants to be a woman lover, a thief, or a liar when listening to this type of talk, he will use it as an evidence for the legality of doing what he intended to do since he is not better than the Prophets and the Awliaa.  One day a singer was singing on a satellite TV channel “If I loved there is no sin or shame as the Prophet David (Dawoud) had loved a woman before… He would go on to say If I tell a lie there is no harm or shame as the prophet (…) had lied before… He would go on and sing the same thing about theft and the audience would believe him.  We did not know if the audience was heedless, lost or willing to hear more!

The same result occurs when someone insults the Muslim Dignitaries and accuses them of bad attributes, e.g. bribery or deceit, etc.
This causes feared and horrible results including imitation by youth and people in general of the forbidden acts on the assumption that the Muslim Dignitaries are more knowledgeable regarding religious issues than them.
This leads to propagation of scandals among the believers in accordance with the Quranic Verse “Enna ladheena yohebbona An Tasheea’ Alfahesha Filadheena Amano Lahum A’zabun Alimun Fid-dunia Walakherah Wal-lahu Ya’lamu Wantum La Ta’lamoun” which means “Those who love to see scandal propagate among the believers, will have a grievous penalty in this Life and in the Hereafter: Allah knows, and you know not”

Those abusers want to deform the image of the righteous in the eyes of the society and the result is to spread sins that were wrongly attributed to them.  The Messenger will still be a Messenger, the prophet a prophet, and the Wali a Wali, because they are protected by Allah made infallible by Him.  They are safe in their closeness to Him and assured of His support.

Finally we can say: Simply stated, whoever blaspheme against those who are close to Allah e.g. His Servants (E’badul-lah), Prophets and Messengers in order to insult them or send people away from them, he’ll not gain anything other than harming the society and the public life of people.

Dear reader, let it be known that Mercy descends on earth with the mentioning of the righteous in a manner that fits them, and disasters also descends upon people when they mention the righteous in a bad way among themselves.

The Prophet (SAAW) said: “Surely you are provided (your sustenance) and gain victory by the supplication and righteousness of the weak ones among you”.

Oh Allah, protect our country from outbreaks, excessive rise in cost of living, stupidity, and corruption on the exterior and inward levels.  This is the essence of politeness with Allah.

There is no Power or Might except with Allah.

The Editor : Original Arabic text in Behira Wal-Akalim Journal- Issue # 230