The Quran Includes Three Categories (Al-Quran A’la Thalathah)

Praise belongs to Allah that can only be achieved by Him, and Allah’s Blessing and Salutation be upon our Master and Mawlana Muhammad, his family, companions, and followers.

Allah (SWT) sent down the Quran and made it comprise three categories (Jawanib) that are interconnected.  The first category is the Jurisprudence (Tashrea’), the second is Unification (Tawhid), and the third is Stories (Kasas).

All the past Messengers and Prophets had been ordered to uphold Tawhid.  As to the Stories; they were telling about the past Messengers and their folks narrated to our Prophet (SAAW) to strengthen his heart and the hearts of the believers.  Tashrea’ is intended to regulate the relationship between the people and Allah, and to regulate the affairs of people in dealing with each other.

As the religion of Islam has been built on five pillars upon which Islam has been established, Quran too can be categorized into the previously listed three major subjects.  Baraa Ibn A’zeb narrated that the Prophet (SAAW) went up the pulpit (Minbar) and said “O people gather yourselves as I shall recite to you ONE-THIRD of the Quran”.  Every one of us brought a cushion in anticipation (for long wait), then the Messenger (SAAW) came out and read, “Bismi Allah-i Rahman-i Raheem, Kul Hua Allah-u Ahad…”, to the end of the Surah, then he entered into his noble room.  After a long period, he came out and said, “Why are you still here?” we said, “We are waiting to hear the one-third of the Quran”.  He (SAAW) said, “I have done that already”.

Dear reader, have you realized that the very short Suraht Al-Ikhlas is equal to one third of the whole Quran?  This does not mean it is equal to one-third quantity wise, but it means qualitatively, as it is an indication of Tawhid, and Tawhid is one of the three major Subjects of the Noble Quran.

There is no Power or Might except with Allah.


The Editor : Original Arabic text in Al-Behira Wal-Akalim Journal- Issue # 220