The Abaser..The Exalter (Al-Khafid..Ar-Rafi’)

In the Name of Allah; The Most Merciful The Most Compassionate…Praise be to Allah; Lord of the worlds, and His blessing and Salutation be upon the noblest of the messengers and the seal of Prophets; our master and maulana Mohammed, and upon his family and companions to the Day of Judgment.
Surely, Allah –SWT- has created the earth (al-Ard) and set up (Akam) servants on it to inhabit it and eat of its goodness, as He created them out of the earth,              “ Minha khalakna-kum wafiha nua’idu-kum wa minha nukhrj-kum tara-tan okhra”, Ta Ha, 20/55. This verse can be translated as: (From the earth did We create you, and into it shall We return you, and from it shall We bring you out once again.)
Everything that’s  necessary for the human body –that was made from a mixture of the earth- comes out of the earth…however, Man is not only an earthly creature, he’s also a heavenly creature (Makhlouk Samawi). The Soul (Rouh) did not originate from the earth, since its source is the “Heavenly World” (al-Mala el-Aa’la) and hence its nourishment must come from the same source. Man’s body pulls him into earth, which is his origin, while the soul tends to and is attracted to its origin from which it was created and from which it gets its nourishment. When a Muslim mentions Allah (Yadhkur Allah) abundantly, this opens a window to heaven in the earthly covering and his soul gets connected with the source of its life. The soul gets its life from the heavenly world through the angels that descend with it. “Inna-lazeena kalou; Rabbouna Allah  thumma istakamo tatanazzal alihum al-M alaekah alla takhafou wala tahzanou wa absherou biljannat alati kuntum toua’adoun” 41/30, which can be translated into (In the case of those who say: Our Lord is Allah, and further stand straight and steadfast, the angels descend on them, ‘Fear you not, nor grieve, but receive the Glad Tidings of the Garden that which you were promised.) When Angels descend on a soul, tranquility occurs (Fear you not, nor grieve), and Glad Tidings occur to fulfill the hope which is the promise of and brining good news of the Paradise. Therefore, a human being is a creature who is pulled up by two motives, a body that pulls him downward to earth and a soul that pulls him upward heaven. If spirituality overcomes earthiness, a human becomes subtle and is mentioned among angels in the heavenly world. But if he becomes heedless of mentioning Allah he would be attracted and tied up to the earth following his caprice, “wa law sheana larafa’nahu biha walakin-nahu akhlada ela-lard wattaba’a hawahu, famathalahu kamathali-lkalb in tahmil a’lihi yalhath aw tatrkhu yalhath” 7/176, which can be translated to, (If it had been Our Will, We should have elevated him with our Signs; but he inclined to the earth, and followed his own vain desires.)
Glory belongs to Allah Who elevates those who mention Him, and brings down those who are forgetful by their heedlessness of Him, as He –SWT- is The Exalter (Ar-Rafi’) and The Abaser (Al-Khafid).

There is no Measure or Power except with Allah the Magnificent.

Original Arabic text in Behira Wal-Akalim Journal- Issue # 240