Should He not know he that created?!! (Ala Ya’lamu Man Khalaq?!!)

Praise be to Allah Lord of the Universes, and Allah’s Blessings and Peacefullness be upon the Noblest of the messengers our Master Mohammed, his Family, Companions, and Followers…

Allah (SWT) has created the creation (Khalq) in wonderment (Fi A’jab).  He granted (Wahaba) some people whatever He desired, and imposed upon them (Awjaba A’laihum) whatever duties He wished.  Should He take back (Salaba) –according to His Wisdom- what He granted, He would drop with His Power the duties imposed upon them.

He whom Allah gives Reason (A’kl) is entered into a circle of Commandment (Takleef).  However, having Reason alone does not impose duties on a servant unless Allah bestows Faith (Iman) upon him.
Still these are not enough to make a sevant accountable unless Allah grants him with Capability (Estita-a’a) and Knowledge (I’lm) together.

Consequently, Allah will not make any of His servants accountable unless he is Sane (A’kil), Believer (Mu’min), Capable (Mustati’), and Knowledgeable (A’lim) about the imposed commandments.  These four elements together are the best Divine Grants. 

It seems as if Allah has decreed upon Himself not to hold His servant accountable unless he possesses these for conditions.  This is an evidence of grandness of His Mercy and absoluteness of His Power. 

On the other hand, should a servant loose his Reason, Belief, Capability, or his knowledge he would have exited the circle of commandment.

I wish that our Muslim scholars were familiar with some of Allah’s Mercy toward His servants, lest they should not burden them about matters that Allah has waived for them (A’afahum Minhu).  The Muslim scholars should consider that Allah is the Creator of His servants and it is His grant to make him free to choose (Mukhayyar) on the condition that he possesses the means or the previously mentioned four elements.

He who Allah gets out of the commandment circle (Dae-rat al Takleef) is placed in an un-free (Musayyar) zone, i.e. makes him compelled (un-free to choose), and does not hold him accountable for his actions, punish, or blame him as a favor from Allah (SWT) who possesses the absolute freedom of all wants (Al-Ghanie).  Allah does not need His servant’s obedience or is harmed by his sins.  He is the Creator and He knows what his creation show or hide “Ala Ya’lamu Mankhalaka Wahua Al-latif-ulkhabeer” which means “..Should He not know he that created, and He is the One that understands the finest mysteries and is well-acquainted with them”

Therefore, we have this word of wisdom to those who are Inflexible (Mutashadi-deen) who judge people as Infidels and Immoral, and who drive people away from religion: O’ you people, the Creation and Command is with Allah “Ala Lahu Alkhalku Wal-amru” which means “..His is the Creation and the Command..”, therefore stop interfering between Allah and His servants cause He is so Merciful to them.

Allah is the Kindest (Latif) to His Creation, so imitate Allah’s Characters (Akhlak).

Finally, if you create people you would have been merciful to them, and Allah would have sent His Mercy on you.

Be merciful with those who live on Earth, to get the Mercy of He who is in Heavens.

There is no Power or Might except Allah.

The Editor : Original Arabic text in Al-Behira Wal-Akalim Journal- Issue # 226