Science, Religion, and Globalization (Al-I’lm wal Deen wal A’wlamah)

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the universes..
Allah’s Blessings and Peacefulness be upon our Master Mohammad, his family, and companions..

Nowadays people are inquiring about Globalization (A’wlamah), Secularism (A’lmanyiah), and their relationship to Religion. 

I asked experts and religious scholars who told me that Globalization in brief is to maintain free trading so that only the better product/commodity prevails.  A remarkably good product/commodity should not be prevented from reaching consumers and be replaced by a bad product/commodity because some country is supporting it.

Then I surveyed the opinion of the religious scholars.  They stated that there is nothing wrong with the previous statement as long as each commodity is fairly priced and an opportunity is given to the better commodity to prevail. This leads to improving, development, and creates honest competition in regards to quality and pricing.

When I asked religious scholars about Secularism they said: “Secularism is deviating from the religious text, following one’s caprice, and the use of mere reason (A’kl) only without any restrictions of or reference to a Divine Text (Nas Samawi).  I did not understand their statement and I asked for further explanation.  I was told to imagine this example: if a man does not agree with the Divine Justice in the case of inheritance distribution as stated in the Quran “..Lil Dhakari Mithlu Hazil Unthayayn” which means “ the male a portion equal to that of two females”.  Consequently, he will call for equity of inheritance to achieve what he arguably or madly call “social justice!”.  This will lead him to (following the same principle) to deny the right of a man to divorce his wife, and then he’ll give this right to women as a sort of social justice!.  He then will further evolve and foolishly give women the right to marry more than one man (at the same time) to make women socially equal to men who are allowed to marry more than one woman.

If you show the Quranic Text to such a man, he will claim that the text is not enough to achieve social justice. 

Following the same course, we then hear a well-known dignitary woman claiming that a son should be named after his mother to make it possible for a woman to have multiple husbands; two, three or four at the same time.  This definitely will lead to a mix up in people’s genealogy and the loss of society bonds where all relationships become chaos.  This dignitary woman said what she said even though Allah (SWT) said: “Wala Totea’ Man Aghflna Qalbahu A’n Dhkrina Wat-taba’a Hawahu Wakana Amruhu Furta” which means  “..obey not any whose heart We have permitted to neglect the remembrance of Us.  One who follows his own desires whose case has gone beyond all bounds”, i.e. such a person has no guidance to direct his actions because he is following Secularism that directs him to disobey the Divine Text and to follow one’s own caprice.  The followers of Secularism seem to act if they are more knowledgeable than Allah and His Messenger whom Allah directs the following verse to him “ Kul Atua’l-limoun Allah Bideenakum” “Say: what! Will you instruct Allah about your religion?”

O’ you secularists, “Aantum Aa’lam Amillah” which means “Do you know better than Allah?” who created everything and knows what benefits or harms them “ Ala Ya’lamu Mankhlaka Wahua Al-latiful-khabeer” which means  “Should He not know he that created, and He is the One that understands the finest mysteries and is well-acquainted with them”

My dear reader, I hope that you share with me the opinion that religion does not object to Globalization that allows the distinguished ones a chance to prevail and be distinct, and allow honest competition to benefit the consumer.  On the other hand, Secularism is about attacking religion, mockery of the Divine Texts, and an attempt to destroy the foundations of religion.

Secularists plan to destroy the foundation of religion so that the whole structure would fall on Humanity.

Dear reader, as Allah (SWT) has guarded His religion in accordance with the Verse “Enna Nahnu Naz-zalnal Dhikra Wa-Enna Lahu Lahafizoun” which means “We have, without doubt, sent down the Quran and We will assuredly guard it”, verily, Allah The Most Glorified has said the Truth.

There is no Power or Might except with Allah
The Editor : Original Arabic text in Al-Behira Wal-Akalim Journal- issue # 225